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Hannah Bajor, C.N.M.,M.S.N. the Pregnancy Success Coach an expert on pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage and energy healing.
Midwife Hannah Bajor has delivered over two thousand babies and is an internationally acclaimed author, midwife, energy healer. She is an expert on pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage and energy healing. Known as the pregnancy Success Coach Hannah is revolutionizing what expectant parents are been taught about Pregnancy.



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Learn How To Get Over The Emotional Pain Of A Miscarriage With My 3 Step Miscarriage Healing Program

Miscarriage section overview video 4:30

FREE 121 Page eBook Birth, A Conscious Choice $19.97 VALUE FREE Immediate Download Gives you a higher understanding about the journey of birth and life in general. Just fill out the section below and press submit.  More About Book


In my twenty odd years as an active midwife, I have helped hundreds of women cope with the devastation of a miscarriage. The truth is I had no idea how emotionally painful loosing a baby was until it happened to me.

Coming from a large Irish family, I never envisioned that getting pregnant would be a challenge. Like many women struggling with infertility, I tried month after month for ten long years to get pregnant. Finally at the age of 38, the miraculous event happened naturally and on its own.

Sixteen weeks later tragedy struck when my growing baby inside of me suddenly died and for no reason and I had to spend two full days on a labor and delivery unit as a patient undergoing an induced mini-labor to complete the miscarriage process. Coming from a large Irish family, I never envisioned that getting pregnant would be a challenge and no one ever spoke of losing a baby. Like many women, I herself struggled with infertility. I tried month after month for ten long years to get pregnant and finally at the age of 38, the miraculous event happened naturally and on its own.

My miscarriage experience was emotionally painful and also a tremendous period of personal growth for me. It allowed me to experience first hand the physical, emotional and energetic dynamics of losing a baby. To help you heal some of your miscarriage grief I have created this Miscarriage Healing Guided Visualization CD.

The loss of a baby through a miscarriage is a sad situation for not only the mother but also the father may go through his own personal grief. 

When I look at the issues of spontaneous abortion, or termination of pregnancy, I believe all events are pre-planned by spirit prior to entry into the physical world. I believe the incoming spirit is fully conscious of the social and medical background of the mother. I believe the incoming spirit is a co-writer in scripting his (or her) life book in partnership with the two individuals that would facilitate conception process. The spirit will choose the exact date and time of conception and death.

In my book "Birth, A Conscious Choice", I go into greater detail about the challenging processes a baby undergoes in an attempt to become human. This is a book well worth to read to help you cope with losing a baby.

In fact my book Birth, A Conscious Choice has been extremely healing for many  people, regardless of their reproductive history. I have had a few grandmothers call me after reading my book thanking me for helping them finally resolve the loss of a pregnancy that happened earlier in their lives. 

In fact my book Birth, A Conscious Choice has been extremely healing for many, I decided to give it away free to people as my gift back to humanity. If you have not received your copy of Birth, A Conscious Choice then go to the top of this page and request it absolutely FREE.

Hannahs book Birth, A Conscious Choice, offers a lot of comfort to couples where their pregnancy tragically ended in a miscarriage.

Babies that choose to exit early in pregnancy via a miscarriage fit into two categories.

They may be much evolved spiritual beings who can master a huge array of human emotions within a few weeks or months. In this case there is no need for them to prolong their existence within this physical world.


The second category is the high vibrational beings that want to become physical but for some reason need a trial run. Coming into physical form is a challenging event even for the spirit. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt. In such situations the spirit can reenter the mother, or perhaps someone else, at a later date.

In my midwifery career, I has seen hundreds of women carry intense guilt or grief over the loss or termination of a pregnancy. These unresolved emotional scars end up manifesting in all sorts of emotional and physical diseases.

This CD offers amazing miscarriage healing.
To learn more click image

Mothers and fathers need to realize that everything is divinely planned and therefore, we should not consume ourselves with guilt.

At this point in time I have helped hundreds of women and some men clear themselves of pregnancy loss guilt and grief with the following simple ceremony ( also in my book Birth, A Conscious Choice).

This ceremony should be done alone, allowing each individual to let go of his or her personal pain. In circumstances where there are other siblings involved, each parent should do their own individual ceremony followed by an additional family ceremony.

Miscarriage Ceremony You Can Do At Home Right NOW To Help You With Your Grief!

  • Go out and purchase a small white candle.
  • Sit quietly at home and light the candle.
  • Think about the baby that died.
  • Talk to the baby.
  • Give your baby a name if you have not done so.
This simple miscarriage candle ceremony can help you accept the loss of you baby and free your energy to move forward. 
  • Give thanks for the time you shared.
  • Give your baby permission to disconnect from you.
  • Give yourself permission to stop grieving or feeling guilty.
  • Allow the candle to burn out on its own.

Purchase a small memorabilia to remind you of this wonderful person that touched your life. Some like a piece of jewelry. For others it may be a nice picture to hang on the wall. Some people choose to plant a tree or place a special ornament in the garden. Whatever works for you, go do it and be happy.

The purpose behind a miscarriage healing ceremony is to honor and accept you have had a personal loss. Moving through this loss, accepting the life lessons offered allows you to embracing the new challenges that life has to offers. 

Purchase a small memorabilia to remind you of this wonderful person that touched your life. Some like a piece of jewelry. For others it may be a nice picture to hang on the wall. Some people choose to plant a tree or place a special ornament in the garden. Whatever works for you, go do it and be happy.


To purchase a hard copy of my book  "Birth, A Conscious Choice" for yourself or to give as a gift to a friend in need then go to the products section of this web site.

Many times when a friend or family member has a miscarriage we are lost for words. My book Birth, A Conscious Choice is a great gift to someone that has had a miscarriage.


Check any of the following box's that apply to you.

Still feel you are shocked you had a miscarriage.
You still feel angry at yourself or at someone else for having a miscarriage.
You feel guilty that maybe you were the cause of your miscarriage.
You feel depressed or lack interest in the things you used to do.
You have a hard time looking at a pregnant woman or a new mom with a baby.
Have a hard time looking at a pregnant woman or a new mom with a baby.
You can not talk about your miscarriage without breaking down crying.
You want to become pregnant but are very worried you will miscarriage again.

Authentic 3 Step Miscarriage Phone Coaching And Healing To Help You Get Back On Track!

Here's why:
As a Nurse & Midwife of over 20 years, I offers authentic phone coaching and energetic healing to help reduce your physical, mental and emotional stress and pain.

I understand the process of miscarriage grief to the core and with my incredible ability to energetically scan any situation, reveal to you, your conscious and unconscious pain and blocks, bringing clarity to any situation for you, I will help you ease or heal your miscarriage pain.

Not only can I merge with your energy field. I act like an emotional sponge for you. I will suck up some of your emotional and physical ailments, to accelerate your healing process.

If you find yourself emotionally breaking down when you think about your miscarriage or find it hard to be around pregnant women or new born babies then you definitely need an energy healing session.  

This will balance your mind, body and spirit giving you an opportunity to feel better about yourself or your situation, giving you the best possible opportunity to be more happier, healthier, more productive, contented, and prosperous in your life.

You'll See Immediate Results! And better still I work with you over the phone in the comfort and privacy of your home! There is no doubt about it that you'll be touched, intrigued, and delighted with my blend of medical credibility, compassion and sensitivity.

Three Reasons Why I Have A
Successful Telephone Healing Practice!


Reason #1

About fifteen years ago, I suffered a head injury while delivering a baby as a result of a ceiling tile falling and hitting me on the head.

 Nothing in traditional medicine relieved my severe post concussion headaches therefore, I was forced to walk outside the traditional medical model and venture into the path of holistic healing.

This venture into holistic healing was an amazing journey for me and now I hold numerous certifications in the field of energetic healing. I am author of highly acclaimed book: "Birth, A Conscious Choice" and numerous healing related products.

I hemorrhaged badly after my own second delivery and in choosing to change my death exit time and stay alive, I was given a chance to bring my healing work to the world.

 I am now in great demand for my international one-on-one coaching telephone practice and workshops.

My healing, coaching and workshops serve to heal and empower men and women going through challenging times in life, regardless of the cause.

As time passed, I was driven to take my midwifery skills, my intuitive ability, and me knowledge about the energy anatomy of pregnancy and my formula for increasing fertility on an international scale.

A large part of my healing practice is dedicated to women experiencing challenges in the areas such as infertility, pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, adoption, abortion guilt and post partum depression.

This CD offers amazing miscarriage healing.
A great gift for anyone you know including yourself that is trying to become pregnant.
A great pregnancy shower gift.
One of the best healing gifts you can give yourself or a loved one.
Click above images for information

Reason #2

All I needs to scan an issue, a person, or a place is your name, or the persons name and where they live. Sometimes I will ask for the date of birth especially if it is a common name. Within seconds I will scan your situation for you, reveal to you information that is important for you to know at this time.

I sugar cotes nothing. I am honest, blunt and amazingly accurate! Yet everyone that meets loves me. I am a definite catalyst to move you to your next point in life. I have an incredible presence about me and people travel all over the globe to attend my programs, as I am constantly reminded that I am an amazing teacher and healer.

Reason #3

I am a respected member of the American College of Nurse Midwives, Holistic Nurses Association, La Leche League, International Childbirth Education Association, Lamaze International, International Cesarean Awareness Network and Holistic Moms.

People often ask me "outside of miscarriage grief healing what sort of client do I work with"?

When you take a holistic health approach to sickness and disease it does not matter whom you are or where you come from if you have a physical, mental or emotional challenge in your life I can help! My alternative healing approach to emotional healing, spiritual healing, soul healing and physical healing specializing in energy healing helps people get through situations such as:

It does not matter who you are or where you come from if you have a physical, mental or emotional challenge in your life I can help! I help people get through situations such as:

  • Stress!
  • Depression!
  • Sadness!
  • Relationship issues!
  • Loss of interest in life
  • Get back on track following a divorce or relationship break up!
  • I help people accept and cope with the death of a loved one
  • I can help you to get to your next place in life
  • I can scan a home and buildings to tell the buyer if this is energetically a good place to live or buy
  • If you are considering moving jobs she will scan a particular company you have in mind and tell you if you will be happy there
  • If you are deciding to take on a major training program or career she can energetically scan it for you and tell you if it will be good for you
  • I have a networking nutritional support company that puts money into your pocket if you want to change your financial situation
  • I help you resolve mother, father or sibling issues
  • I can help heal your adult, birth related emotional trauma that is in your subconscious preventing you moving forward in life

Women all over the globe call, book and benefit from having an energy healing during their pregnancy with me to help ease the discomforts and complications experienced during pregnancy.

  • Women with early morning sickness.
  • Women with severe vomiting in pregnancy.
  • Women with early morning sickness.
Fear of having another miscarriage can affect a future pregnancy. Healing all emotional ties to miscarriage grief helps you reduce your risk of another miscarriage.
  • Women with severe vomiting in pregnancy.
  • Women with known medical conditions such as eating disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid disease etc.
  • Women on bed-rest during pregnancy regardless of cause.
  • Women hospitalized during pregnancy for any reason.
  • Women requiring or recovering from surgery while pregnant.
  • Women with a history of miscarriage or baby loss.
  • Women who are more mature in age having a child.
  • Women who had a difficult pregnancy or birth.
  • New moms after delivery.
  • New moms with post partum blues or depression.
  • Couples with infertility issues.
  • Couples seeking adoption.
  • Couples grieving the loss of a baby.

What To Expect When Working With Me

You'll see immediate results or results within 24 hours: No one has ever worked with me and not seen a shift occur.

You'll be amazed at how accurate I am with accessing information about you and your situation: I am extremely accurate in my assessment of your condition and situation. At times the accuracy of my psychic scanning is a delight to hear, as you want to hear it.

I can take a great deal of your miscarriage sadness, guilt or grief through my body to heal it for you freeing up your emotional energy to help you move forward.

I hold back nothing and will tell you what you need to hear at this point in your life to heal. Sometimes it may be hard to accept and you may not like to hear what I have to say. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow.

But one thing is no matter how hard I push your buttons during the session you will be very grateful for the information you have obtained and the personal shift that occurs within your life as a result of choosing to book a session with me.

I energetically takes on your emotional issues to heal them: This is a fantastic way to heal. Why go through more intense emotional pain when I can process some of your emotions for you and you experience an emotional healing, a spiritual healing , a soul healing and a physical healing all in one shot.

I have the ability to take on, transmute and heal some of your physical, mental and emotional issues to expedite your healing. So lets say it would normally take you six sessions to get through one core issue with a traditional therapist. Well more than likely I can shift this block in one session.

To heal grief issues I recommend 3 energy sessions!

  • Initial Grief Healing Appointment
  • Two Weeks later a long distant healing with me, to repair deep emotional and spiritual traumas within your energy field, as a direct result of your grief trauma. This will be done at night when you are sleeping. The nighttime energy and stillness is very conducive to allowing me to cross dimensions to create profound deep healing for you at many different levels.
  • Two Week Later A One-On-One Phone Coaching & Healing.
Unhealed, unresolved grief can create long term health related issues. Do not continue to suffer in silence. Book an appointment with me and start feeling better inside yourself. 

There are many great healers and intuitive readers out there that perform long distant healings and readings. I is one of them but where I differs is that I is a Soul Reweaver and this gives me the ability to re-weave fragmented parts of your soul.

The soul can be very traumatized, broken, fragmented and even have missing parts due to your personal traumas. I can go back to any time in your life and reconstruct your energy system to heal deep core emotional traumas. I can even repair emotional traumas that have originated from inside your mother's womb when you were that little baby coming into the world.

Generally people only need one session with me, but if you are grieving I have found that committing to three sessions with me resolves most if not all of your grief.

I am extremely professional: Because of my nursing and midwifery background I treats all my telephone clients in the same professional manner that I would have done in me midwifery practice. Everything shared on the phone is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Your session will be recorded so you can re-visit the session any time: You will be given so much information about yourself during the session that it is impossible to remember everything, therefore it will be recorded for you. Listening to the CD recording of your session allows you to tap into some of the energetic healing that occurred during the session. It also helps motivate you on those days that you need motivating.

Energy healing helps you heal on a physical, mental, emotional, soul and spiritual level. This is whay I specialize in.

Get clarity about personal decisions you are about to make. This itself is worth a fortune on preventing you wasting your time, effort and money on projects that are not energetically good for you.

How long will the effects of the session last:

This is a hard question to answer, as every person is different. Everyone's response to a session differs, as everyone's grief situation is very different. For some it means totally clearing an issue, as they were ready to go to their core issue and heal it for once and for all. For others they may not be ready to have a complete healing, sometimes sickness serves people's dependency and negative way of lifestyle.

One thing that I observes over and over again is that many people have a lot of toxins in their bodies and are extremely nutritionally depleted. A common cause of sickness and disease is a toxic body and a body depleted of vital minerals. For years I would recommend people to purchase products at a health food store.

Personally I suffered severe bilateral foot pain for over five years and tried everything and anyone to help me become pain free. At times I was unable to walk because of me level of foot pain. After years of searching and miss-diagnoses I finally found a wonderful foot person in Ireland that correctly diagnosed me. I went through an agonizing year of wearing corrective insole to rebuild me arches in me feet and cried many times because of the pain.

I finally became PAIN FREE within three weeks of taking a nutritional support product called VEMMA (Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen, Aloe Vera & Decaffeinated Green Tea)!

Prior to this I would have tried many products over the years but nothing worked like VEMMA. Now that I has seen first hand what VEMMA is doing for people I recommends this product to anyone that is toxic or nutritionally depleted. To learn more go to

VEMMA can give you all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to internally heal your body and help prevent another miscarriage.

Your thoughts have tremendous power and penetrate every physical, mental and emotional cell of your body and many times we are unconscious about our childhood or our spiritual traumas or the origination of your current situation. It is not your fault that you are in the situation where you are today. Taking this a step further it is wrong to point the finger at anyone else for your situation.

I believe with ever cell of my being that situations happen in life for specific reasons and we can react in two ways to any situation. Reaction number one is to be the victim and reaction number two is to acknowledge what is going on and do something positive about it.

I will help move you from the victim mode to the mode of acceptance and getting on with life. I help you to see the bigger picture around you, but you must be opened to new concepts and embrace change.

You might be like many people and be skeptical about this emotional stuff and fearful of energy healers and psychics, asking is this witchcraft or voodoo or some sort of religion. The answer is NO. They are ordinary people just like you that have invested time and money into being trained in the art of holistic healing.

Holistic energetic healing consists of been able to assess, diagnose and treat the energetic anatomy of the body. If you are unfamiliar with the energy anatomy of the body then have a look at the healing section of this web site called which gives a pretty good introductory overview called the energy anatomy of the body.

Being skeptical of what I can offer you is good. Acknowledging that you are out of balanced in some area of your life, in pain, sick or physically depleted and admitting what you are doing right now is NOT WORKING FOR YOU is a great place to start.

Being opened to the possibility that someone like me can help you to feel better, be healthier, bring clarity to personal and professional situations in your life is HUGE! Being willing to invest sixty minutes of your time into working with someone like me that can help you BIG TIME GET OVER YOUR MISCARRIAGE LOSS is EVEN BETTER!

I walk my talk. I am no con artist. I have invested a huge amount of money in my personal growth and psychic energy healing skills. My nursing and midwifery background gives me a cutting edge at been able to assess the energetic state of organs, bones and tissues. 

Do Not Take My Word For It Read What People Say

"Hannah helped me turn my miscarriage grief pain into gratitude for having been blessed with my short pregnancy experience."

- Joan
New York, USA.

"Fear about having another miscarriage prevented me trying to get pregnant again. Working with Hannah I healed my pain and grief and moved on and I am now happily pregnant."

- Phyllis
Cork, Ireland.

"Hannah and her grief coaching helped me get my life back on track after 8 months of severe depression following a stillbirth."

- Ann Marie
London, England.

"Hannah brings more than her vast practical experience, knowledge and educational qualifications to her therapies. Her healing energy provides assistance to the recipient on so many levels. I was aware of the immediate positive impact and then the subtle developing changes that followed to enhance my life further."

- Roger Jones, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Medium

"Hannah is an amazing, compassionate, talented soul. She sees through to the heart of an issue and knows how to gently push energy in the right direction, thereby leading her client to heal. Having been exposed to a wide range of holistic healers over the years, I can honestly say that Hannah's the best I've had so far, and I am so glad I found her".

- Carolynn, Business Executive
New Jersey, USA.

"To work with Hannah is a total experience that will change your being. She has the ability to work with the physical body and beyond. To describe how it felt I was put right out almost like going into a deep sleep state. During this time she is scanning and healing the body as a Medical Intuitive she can pin point what is blocking you either on a physical level, mental level, spiritual level or even down to your very cells. Once the block is determined then she will counsel you on what is for your highest good. Hannah is truly blessed with a special gift for healing. What makes it even better is that she works with people of all ages and is not bound by time or space her healings can be done via telephone".

- Linda A Russo, Business Manager
New Jersey USA.

"A truly powerful and insightful healing. Hannah moved straight to the core issues of my being and has shifted me onto a new level of self-mastery".

- Michael McCluney, Yoga Teacher, Healer
Northern Ireland

"In the years that I have known Hannah I have been extremely impressed with her power of healing and getting people over their blockages in life. Never have I met a more honorable and diligent person then Hannah and she is the only healer I allow to work on me. Her integrity is the highest of any person I know and it almost feels like having the Dalai Lama giving me a healing. Many people have and will benefit from her special work with pregnancy as this is a growing problem in the world today. The new INDIGOS are a hard bunch to get into the physical and Hannah's work will help enormously. Thank you Hannah for all you do".

- Gudni GED Gudnason RM, PhD
Founder of The Rocky Mountain Mystery School.

"I have been a Reiki healer for many years and have a group of good healers around me that have been assisting in my well-being for sometime, however, none of the sessions have been as profound as Hannah's session with me. I had an 'attachment' for many years that no-one has been able to get to the root of and nothing I had done myself could clear it - but one session with Hannah and I'm clear! Also, being a mother herself, she could understand and assist with the problems and processes I am going through with my 3 children. The relief is amazing, thank you Hannah for knowing things about me I did not know myself and for helping my light to shine true".

- Josephine Penny - RMMS Initiated Guide, Reiki Master, Tarot Teacher and Reader
Marlow, England

Important Criteria To Look For When Seeking The Assistance Of An Energy Healer or Health Coach!

Professional Credentials:

I have over twenty years experience in the field working as a nurse and midwife and eighteen years working as a holistic health care coach and the professional credentials to back it up.

I have hands on experience delivering over a thousand babies and have cared for thousands of women before, during, and after pregnancy. My delivery experiences have mainly been in hospitals, but I have worked in birthing centers and delivered a few babies in the comfort of their own homes.

2. Reputation:

I have worked very hard to get my nursing, my midwifery license and my holistic healing certificates I will not say or advise you anything that would harm you in any way or jeopardize my licenses.



My medical background and metaphysical training has allowed me to master the skill of medical intuition. I have an incredible ability to access all sorts of information about people. I have the ability to communicate with the cells of the body, the organs and the bones. I helps bring peace of mind to people who are experiencing difficult times in life, regardless of the cause.


I constantly demonstrate my intuitive skills while working with people across the globe through my workshops and my highly sought after international telephone healing-coaching practice.

People are always impressed with how accurate I am and my practice has grown mainly from word of mouth referrals.

Pick up the phone and call me to help heal your miscarriage grief.

As large section of my practice is dedicated to women, helping them through pregnancy and miscarriage related issues. I help couples who are trying to have a baby understand what is blocking them from getting pregnant and make the necessary shifts within their energy field to increase their possibility of conceiving.

I bring comfort to parents who are seeking adoption. I facilitate adoptive parent and baby bonding. I create positive change within people's lives, opening them to a higher awareness of self and facilitating personal empowerment.

You get more than your moneys worth!

I charge $247 per session, which lasts about sixty minutes and as i have said I recommend three sessions for miscarriage grief healing but this is totally up to you to choose what you want to do. I charge $497 for the first infertility contract scanning appointment and $5,000 for clients wanting a one-on-one six-hour private consultation, healing-workshop with me.

People gratefully pay me for my advice, as I am brilliant at what I do. May sound a little egotistic but I was trained by the best. I am incredibly accurate in my scanning abilities. I have the ability to energetically merge with any person any place and takes on their sickness or block and transmutes them for healing. It have taken me years of investment personally, emotionally and financially to learn this skill.

On the very rare occasion I may take on a disease that wipes me out for twenty-four hours, as I transmute my clients illness. I hate when this happens, as it leaves me having to cancel my appointments for the day. If you schedule an appointment with me and I call to reschedule please understand I am here to serve you in the highest way possible.

Consider how much time, effort and money you have spent on the major decisions and healing in your life, or on personal therapist dealing with issues with your parents. The healing and shift that occurs as a result of working with me has a monetary value far exceeding the price of the session.

Would You Like To Heal Your Miscarriage Grief?




 If you just want the Miscarriage Healing CD click on the CD Image

Do you know someone that would benefit from a session with me? If so, give them my contact information.h1>

The more you give in this life the more you receive. I will pay you a referral commission  on anyone you refer to me and they book an appointment. To get paid your referral commission you must register in my referral program by clicking on the referral button below I share my abundance with you.
Once registered with The Pregnancy Success Coach referral program you will earn commission on all referrals as a thank you for supporting my work. 

Hannah's Contact Information

The best way to contact me is via email. I have a busy schedule with my healing practice, my two young kids and follow ups. To email me just go to the left side of this page under the links button and fill out the blue section called Ask Hannah.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you are going through a crisis and wish to book an urgent session with me then call me at any of the telephone numbers given below.

For USA residents the best time to call me is between 9am-5pm EST M-F but you can always try me over the weekends.

Please note if you are calling from Ireland or the UK the phone will ring in the USA at no extra charge to you. You are five hours ahead of my time in the USA. The best EU time for you to call me is your local time between 2pm and 10pm.
Hannah Bajor. C.N.M.,M.S.N.
Certified Nurse Midwife
Pregnancy Success & Holistic Health Coach
Cheshire, Connecticut, USA
USA: 1-203-439-0616
Ireland: 01-6571814
UK: 020-30023802